Are there any examples of people hunting products that don't want to be hunted?

Nik Hazell
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This has been confusing me for a while! Some people spend a lot of time on their PH launch - but also, lots of people are hunting other peoples' products! Has anyone seen a product get hunted prematurely, compromising the makers' launch?


Kyle Frost
Yes, it happens occasionally. Sometimes the maker has been planning a launch and other times they didn't have PH on their radar at all. Very rarely, a maker will not realize that their product was posted at all -- in these cases we try and avoid removing or re-posting the product. Generally, in most situations the maker will reach out to our awesome support team and we will remove a premature launch if the maker requests (day of).
Nik Hazell
@kylefrost Ah ok cool - that makes sense. I'm not worried about this, but it's confused me - as I've simultaneously been planning my own launch, and keeping an eye out for a few cool tools that already exist, for me to hunt :)
Anton Ross
If this is your first launch, it is unlikely that hunter will accidentally stumble upon you)