AppSumo Launch - What's your experience?

Carsten Pleiser
5 replies
Can you share some feedback about your AppSumo results in case you have launched there? Interested to learn more about metrics & experience. TY


Christian C
would be interested to know more as well. Also, how to you integrate the AppSumo subscription with your app? Does it need a different sign in flow?
Vedran Rasic
@chriscarex hey Chris you need a different workflow. Either a landing page with FN + LN, Email, AppSumo Code... or instead of an LP you can modify your billing portal so that when users register they can apply an LTD *(lifetime deal) code. AppSumo handles the payment process, and you need to integrate it with your backend.
Vedran Rasic
1. Do it. 2. Prepare extensive FAQs. 3. Get ready to do support / answer questions. 4. Have a program in place for reviews. 5. Ideally have a program for upsell to subscription. I've done 2 successful launches in the past 3 years. Over 300k in USD and 5k + customers.