Any tips/ insights from listing on launch communities?

Tanya Sharma
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Hello makers, I'm building Wonderpath (, a growth planning tool for people with pixelated careers. I wanted to test-launching on other forums before our PH launch. And I recently came across this list on Indie Hackers for places to launch/ relaunch your product: Does anyone have experience/ insights from launching in any of the forums listed in the post? I'm especially looking at some well-known ones: - Show HN - BetaPage Thanks!


Atul Ghorpade
I only launched on PH. So, looking to hear experts tips on it. Good luck!
Jonathan Massabni
Very cool list, and good tips. Best practices are often similar across forums. Interesting concept by the way, great landing page! You can already ask feedback in here (or these other forums) before even launching
Tanya Sharma
@jonathanm - Thanks a lot, Jonathan. You're right, best practices are often similar. The reason I wanted to test multiple launches was: 1. Learn from other platforms before a PH launch 2. Get more visibility From what it looks like, none of the other platforms have a highly engaged community. So maybe it only helps our SEO in the end.
Muhammad Sameer
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David Babins
FYI, some previous related threads and feedback to help keep in mind too... :)
Tanya Sharma
@david_babins - Nice, thank you for sharing!
Ruben Lozano
That is a really good list and good ideas. I think the most important thing is to list your product on those platforms/directories where you think your audience can be. I create some profiles on several of those platforms and the most important thing is to have all the details you need to set up. Videos, screenshots, descriptions, tags, headlines short and long, etc. If you talk about this with your SEO team they will verify first the quality of that domain if you are going to get some bad backlinks. Good luck!
Tanya Sharma
@rubenlozanome - Great tip about checking for the quality of backlinks. How can I verify the quality of domain and backlinks? (here: Currently our SEO team is me 😂 Appreciate your help!
Ruben Lozano
@tanyasharma I can understand your situation, I am all-in-one person too in startups... :D I think here we need help for the SEO experts! However, once I said that I am not expert on SEO, I think I would check more for other metrics like the DA, for example in this page: I would check the authority of that directory and also the Spam Score. That is my no-expert advise. :D I hope that could help you. Cheers,
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