Feedback on SaaS pricing

Tanya Sharma
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Hello all, I'm building Wonderpath ( a growth planning tool for individuals with pixelated careers. Currently, the product is in private beta (and free!). We would love to launch a paid tier soon. Ask: Here's a Typeform (https://hello-wonderpath.typefor...) with 5 questions that you can answer to help us decode pricing. Since we built the platform for Solopreneurs/ gig-workers (aka us!) to track goals, build action plans, collect feedback, and eventually also discover curated learning resources - your feedback is very much appreciated!. Always happy to chat about personal goals and promote your work in return. Many thanks!


Done - interesting product 👍
Misha Krunic
I've answered some of the questions. Hope you find it useful. Best of luck!
Tanya Sharma
@price2spy - Thank you Misha! I was just checking the Typeform and I don't see a new entry. I hope you didn't miss the submit button?
Alexander Estner
Really nice idea - answered the typeform.