Any tips on running focus groups?

Tanya Sharma
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I've run user interviews in a 1-1 set-up but never moderated a focus group for user research/ collecting feedback. Would appreciate any tips and things to watch out for from the community!


I've only ever done them in person - but main challenge is the logistics of it all. More people, more to moderate so you need more time, planning and resources. As with the 1-1 I'd have some clear objectives about what you want to get out of it. Use the virtual rooms that are now available and try and get some people to help.
Tanya Sharma
@maxwellcdavis - You're absolutely right about the moderation aka collecting insights without creating chaos.
Arda Bayram
Hi Tanya! I build UX Notion to help indie hackers, creators, and Jr. UX Designers. In the upcoming update, I will add a new content block that includes tips on running user interviews and testing sessions. I believe you can benefit from the content!
Alina Ihnatiuk
Ensure you have clear objectives. Recruit the right people for you. Pilot your focus group before the 'real thing' Create a happy atmosphere. Keep control of the session. Avoid leading questions. Rope a colleague in to be your 'assistant' moderator.