Launching Twitter challenge for personal growth

Tanya Sharma
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Update: The challenge is now live, you can check the launch tweet here: Excited to learn and grow together! Hi Community, I would love your thoughts on this idea. Since it's annual reflection month (December), and annual goals month (January) is just around the corner, what are your thoughts on this concept: Following the #BuildInPublic movement, which is all about building a business and sharing and talking about risks and failures related to a business. We want to start an adjacent movement (#GrowInPublic) for individuals who are working on building new skills. The challenge will encourage people to share learnings and resources, and celebrate people working on self-improvement. Through Wonderpath ( we will be sharing learnings, resources, and building accountability groups for new skills that people would like to acquire. Would you participate? Drop your yes, no, maybes and tell me why! Thank you :)


sounds great @dafnihnd it's so damn hard staying accountable, maybe if there is "group pressure" it would go better ☺️
Sofya Narbut
Sounds cool, count me in!
Tanya Sharma
@sofya_narbut - Here's the launch tweet, Sofia: Can't wait to amplify and talk about your learnings :)
Ira GI
Sounds good and interesting! I love your idea! Good luck with your implementation!
Vadim Khamzin
Is learning English an appropriate case for #GrowInPublic? I would participate 😀👍
Tanya Sharma
@cyberlancer - #GrowInPublic is now LIVE! Here's the launch tweet: Excited to do this together!
John McTavish
I'm in! While #BuildInPublic is a super supportive movement for founders and indie-hackers and no-coders, it seems to me that it leaves out folks who want to challenge themselves and grow outside of creating a new product/startup/side-hustle. I guess for the rest of us, #GrowInPublic can *grow* into a similar supportive space 👍