This one trick helped me build lots of links

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It's an old SEO trick. You analyze your competitors backlinks using a free tool or a paid tool like ahref. You then go to each web page, and run a broken link analysis (there are many different Chrome plugins for this, search for broken links extension). Then contact the page owner and kindly let them know that one of their links are not working anymore. Once they respond to thank you for helping them out, respond back and let them know that your website could be a relevant link to add on the same page they added your competitor. Because you helped them out, they will feel much more inclined to add your link. It won't work all the time, but it dramatically increases the chance of them responding. It's a really old SEO technique but I felt I should share in case someone haven't tried it out yet.


Kevin Offret
Thanks for this trick. When i was in SEO formation, my teacher told us about this technique. Personally, I haven't applied it yet but I will soon
Derek Duban
How many backlinks should I be striving for? I realize I want a million billion, but more realistically, how many until I can feel comfortable? I have 74 in GSC under "top linking sites".
@sclerek In my experience, 1 in 20 will typically agree to link out to you. I suppose it's just a question of how much time you have to craft those emails. The more links, the better. Especially if they are quality links.
Derek Duban
@avidnote That sounds like an impossible time commitment with a low return rate when I still need to build/expand the product. As of now, 1 month later, I'm up to 94 "top linking sites" and I've never asked for any of them. One odd thing though, in the last week my traffic has reduced by 25% for no obvious reason. I would have expected an increase in traffic, not a decrease.
Will Perlmutter
Ya that is really awesome. My understanding was that folks weren't doing this as much anymore. But it still works for you? Cheers! -Will
@will_perlmutter Yea, it self works in my industry. I suspect it probably doesn't work in the digital marketing space since they're used to that trick.