A lesson from being turned away at the Apple store

Nick Freiling
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Last week, I took my two oldest kids to the Apple store. I was buying an Apple Watch for my wife. An early birthday gift. Google Maps said the store was open. But when we showed up, we were turned away at the door. No, the store wasn't technically closed. But you had to make an appointment. And they were booked for the next 90 mins. The Apple staff didn't seem to think this was a big deal. But any parent will tell you: 90 minutes of unexpected downtime time with two toddlers isn't exactly a fun experience. For all intents and purposes, the store wasn't actually open to me, because I had my kids in tow and a busy evening planned. Frustrating. But what does this have to do with YOU? Well, if you're running a business, consider ACCESSIBILITY. No, not ADA or W3C (though that's important, too). I mean consider this: Are you unknowingly "closing" your business to certain types of customers? People who want what you're selling, but just can't work out the logistics? Do you make call slots available for people in different time zones? Do you offer flexible payment methods and terms? Do you have any translated versions of your web copy or marketing videos? Things to think about. It's a big world out there. Don't limit your business to just one type of customer.
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