Is there an app store for progressive web apps?

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Does anybody know of an app store like site that lists progressive web apps (PWA)?


Kirsten Lambertsen
Sounds like a good startup idea :)
@mspseudolus I agree! A curated app store for high quality PWA's would be a great resource and inspiration.
Michael Andreuzza
I know there's a website for listing pwa's. I listed once Colors and Fonts and I don't remember the name...
@andrefuchs I just launched last week and I am looking for a store like that to promoted it. In the meantime my idea is to make the necessary adaptations to post it to Play Store (
Vitor Amaral
@andrefuchs @alkimistx Try submiting to Appscope or convert to TWA (works only on android) is very simples.
Andrew Tye
product hunt!