Video, GIF or Screenshots for Beta Landing Page?

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What do you prefer for a pre-beta landing page to get informed about the product? I'm collecting ideas for updating the website for my upcoming mindfulness calendar app Ritualin. Thanks for your feedback! 🔥


Blake Manzo
Tech-wise, you can do your GIF animations as a video and load 10x faster!
Kaloyan Dobrev
If a text are just words, an image is 1000 words, GIF is "x" times an image so a video is small book that tells your story. Funny thing to the side, for a new product the video will be the most engaging element for a new users. If you look at the trend every social platform is migrating from text to images to video. So the new users that will use your product are the new generations that are used to video and they love it. The bad news is that the video is most hard to produce, so if you don't have the resources you can stitch a few images into a GIF animation and as @blakemanzo suggest to convert it to video for better performance. One more thing as Gary Vaynerchuk says every content can be broken into other types of content.
@kokiweb Many thanks for you feedback, Kaloyan! I will add a video as soon as the frontend design is finished. You're absolutely right about platforms moving to video.
Justin E. Harris
Gifs are incredible at grabbing people's attention.