Colors and Fonts

Css gradients, color palettes & font pairing 1 click 1 place

Gradients, color palettes and font pairings for developers and digital designers ready to copy/paste in 1 click.Get the palette or just a color. All in 1 place!
Dark theme is also supported in 1 click.
AND100% responsive !
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3 Reviews5.0/5

This makes working with colors and fonts for a web dev easier, you can use it in your browser without downloading something.


Easy to use, Addicting, Beautiful Gradients, One click application, Lovely Dark and light themes, Beautiful UI, Best Fonts pairings.


Limited fonts, Limited Gradients.

Hello Ujjwal ! Thank you so much for your review. Very helpfull. I will add more fonts and gradients that's for sure. Thank you so much.
This is something I use daily when i work on my web dev projects. I am addicted and you will too.
Ok, that looks interesting. What is the main feature of this app? I mean why it better another pallet​?
@tim_panov I create the palettes, gradients and font pairings myself. In this way it does not get crowded with thousands of them and the user can make a decision easier. Another pro is that is 100% responsive compared to other collections.
@tim_panov Something that you can also do is to get the hex code for just 1 color or the whole palettte. There's also a material ui color picker.
@michael_andreuzza ok, I got it 🙂 Rly interesting App 👍
@tim_panov thank you so much I really appreciate.
This is appreciable.
Thank you so much for your kind words @muhammadjabeer0 . I really appreciate the time you took to use it.
Beautiful Gradients, and very easy to use
Thank you so much @michaelsdesigne for your feedback. Really appreciate that. Very thankful.