What are your favourite customer service tools?And why?

Ivanna Wendel
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Aleks Bochkov
I know which ones are the best and most effective ;)
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
Try EngageBay Their HelpDesk Automation is fully loaded and comes at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.
Jared Cornell
Like any modern business, we are dependent on a handful of customer service tools to offer robust support to our customers. Here is a small list of tools we use on a daily basis: Customer Service: ProProfs Help Desk(https://www.proprofsdesk.com/) Website Experience & User Feedback: Qualaroo(https://qualaroo.com/) Social Media Support: Buffer(https://buffer.com/)
Mark Lense
I usually use various sites that collect customer reviews in order to understand how they feel about the service they use. So you can choose the most suitable service that is needed, taking into account your needs. From what I recently read, I liked the information about Amazon vs eBay customer service, as it collects and describes quite up-to-date information about how customer support works and what aspects you should pay attention to most when dealing with customer problems.