LifeTime Deal experience

Ivanna Wendel
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Hi guys! What do you guys think about LifeTime Deal for SaaS companies? Is it worth it long term/short-term? What is your experience if any?


Aleks Bochkov
Should I start by sharing our own experience? :)
Ken Moo
@bochkovaleks Yes please, I saw that your deal was posted on this group recently ( And also on Dealify. How's your experience? :)
Wilson Bright
If the product is super early and want's early adopters to give feedback and shape up the product, lifetime deal can get those early users and also some money. Usually product hunters and early adopters love to help products and it is one of the channel to get them.
Ken Moo
I believe that offering lifetime deal is a great idea. It helps to get more funds, onboard early adopters and brand advocates, and generate honest reviews, and other social proofs. All these things are going to help the company grow and gain more traction.
Shiva Prabhakaran
Great if the overhead is not too much. But if the recurring costs are high, then no.
Prateek Mathur
I'm personally not a fan of lifetime deals. I'd rather have a 1 year deal for early adopters as it's easier to monitor & cheaper to pivot
Ib sylla ☝😎
You want to listen to this Very good point about lifetime deal
Dimitris Karavias
Personally I've never been swayed by one. If I like the product I'll go annual. If the product isn't great lifetime won't make a difference.
Ryan French
I'm not a SAAS company but I buy LTD's all the time for my business. I love LTD's as long as the company isn't creating a long-term problem for themselves that isn't sustainable. For example, offering unlimited features that cannot be sustained over the life of the product. Then you lose and we lose. If you set reasonable limits, your company can get a significant cash-infusion upfront, incredible user feedback that you can use to improve the product, as well as suggestions for features and integrations you may not have even thought of. You can also collect great reviews and use them to promote your product further. I've bought 26 LTD's so far and only had one case of a loss for me, where the company closed after 6 months. We as business owners can thrive off LTD's. I carry two monthly costs in my business (course platform/funnel software and ads). Everything else is covered by LTD's that I paid for once. For you, an LTD gets your company moving forward without significant investment. Go one step further and setup an Affiliate/Partner Program and you can have your early-adopters who love your platform promoting it for you. I see it as a Win/Win.