What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? 🎁

Aaron O'Leary
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The Holidays are fast approaching and with so many things that have launched this year, it's hard to pick. I would love to get a PS5 possibly or maybe a new watch, something to cut my own hair (thanks Covid) and some shoes. In general though most important to me is just being able to spend some time with my parents and siblings after the year it's been.


Would love to have Oda. I recently moved and am missing a sound/entertainment system and this would be perf!
Jake Crump
I would love to have the Oculus Quest 2. I've only tried out VR a handful of times, but it's always blown me away. The fitness products on it like Supernatural are the most intriguing to me.
Yasha Chordia
To make dino.fit a smashing success :)
Yasha Chordia
@ayush_ Hey Ayush, would love to know what you think. Check it out - https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Alan Garcia Granados
I'd love to have a seed round for Wrabbit and a copy of SideHustle
Lydia Sugarman
I would love the new Apple Watch, iPhone, and MacBooK Air and 50 new customers by this time next year.
Markus Repetschnig
being #1 on product hunt today :)
Shawn Kalin
To partner up with visual collaboration developers to make remote work better!
Paul Girardin
Health (My own and others), peace on Earth and love all around. + 2020 in my rearview mirror. I am not much into material things unless it is design related like Photoshop, InVideo and such.
Elle Werle
nothing material, just a better and happier world where we can travel again πŸ›«
I'll take a Tesla model S if you have a santa hookup.
Vineet Sinha
To nap under the stars amidst trees. Also, a Benz. Maybe some high quality chicken tikka masala. Help orphans. PLOT TWIST: Then Mercedes is there to take the orphans on a camping trip so they can appreciate nature. Their, I reveal chicken tikka masala for dinner. I have introduced them to stargazing and Indian food. My grandpa smiles from the heavens knowing I grew up alright. One of the orphans grows up to reverse climate changes. Karma feels good.
Kushank Aggarwal
You can add stuff to your christmas wishlist from http://randomgiftidea.com/
Philip Guidon
Good health for all, good spirits (to drink), and Apple approving our app for TestFlight.
I would love to get 1,500 users by the end of the year
first paid user on my app
Malavika Shaji
Get ride of Covid19 and back to office work