What is your best priority methods for new / old features?

David T. Kim
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As a leader, prioritizing features are always an art. When I think we have a solid priority system nailed down, in different situations different context and perspective are required. The most difficult is when we need to speed up, but that could end up as a mediocre feature that might not be our best work. What do you do in this case? Do you often prioritize speed? Or risk losing that traction, but rely on the fundamental principle behind the mission of the product. If you have a specific priority method that you use for your product development, please share!


Mujtaba Nowshad
Customer feedback loop always adds a unique and essential prospective to feature pipeline, I first try that.
David T. Kim
@mujtaba_nowshad That's always a top priority for me too, but sometimes that feedback isn't feasible. Thanks for the input though!
Corinn Pope
I think it depends on what phase of your business you're in. For me right now, a feature should have be valuable to the customer and the customer should be willing to pay for it. I just moved to a freemium model, so the features that get pushed to the top are ones that would help users convert to a paid plan and that provide some sort of 'delight'.