In your opinion, what's the right approach to choose a domain name for a personal blog?

Maor Ofek
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Aaron O'Leary
I think emphasising the idea of the blog. At the very least this opens up the opportunity faster for direct traffic vs referral
Maor Ofek
@aaronoleary sounds good, though in this case, with the lack of .com domains, you'll need to come up with a brilliant domain
Saptharishi Suresh
Since it is a personal blog, I think it is best to use our own name. I've done the same. Earlier I created for my personal stories blog and then later I set up where anyone can publish stories
Ms khan
A name should be related to the main idea and the content of the blog
Brandon Gaille
While all of these are good options, I have found that buying an existing aftermarket domain with high domain authority (DA) is the best path to blogging success. Whether blogging for traffic and ad income or blogging for leads and customers, the traffic that will make you the most money is going to come from organic Google search. An existing domain with high DA is going to get you there 3 to 4 times a fast as buying a domain with no DA. Here's the process. #1 Use GoDaddy Auctions to look for Expiring Domain Names #2 Search for domains with a Domain Authority higher than 30 #3 Use the Wayback Machine to look at the past content of the domain #4 When you find a domain with a DA 30+ that has past content on the niche you are going into, then pursue it
Graham Billington
either one works. Its preference in my opinion
Michelle Ngome
Its definitely a preference. I will say these three things. 1. Your name is always safe when your brand evolves if you want to change directions. 2. Main idea of the blog, if you want to create a community and sell products and services that may be beneficial. 3. Buy two domains and redirect to the dominate site.
Choosing a name that is related to the main topic of the blog for a personal blog will box the blogger into one genre of writing perhaps. For example someone can talk about building a startup but also investing money or relationships.
Dibya Sahoo
With millions of websites and blogs available now - I think the name hardly matters, people just google for questions/keywords and end up on some article. So, what matters in the content on your blog. For name shake, you can just have your own name or some nike name like mine is @geniusdibya :) Go for specific keyword in your domain name, only if you want to restrict your writing to some specific topic.
Alina Zhalsanova
I think it's author's first and last name, because the main idea can change.
Jason Curry
I think if it is a personal blog you should use your name. Perhaps the main idea of the blog will change over time. Your personal blog can serve as an anchor for your audience and startup / project announcements over the years.
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Kevin Crum
I even don't know much about this domain name. But I would like to learn more. Thank you so much!