What will be some best practices to do on product hunt launch day?

surya shanmugam
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Launching a product on PH for the first time tomorrow. What will be a few pieces of advice and best practices to go about Launch day successfully?


Brandon Gaille
#1 Icon - Create a custom animated company icon #2 Title - Use only your company name in the title #3 Tagline - Describe value of product and what it solves #4 Gallery - YouTube video and 5 to 10 screenshots #5 Description - What your product is and who it is for in 2 sentences #6 Maker Comment - Short intro, list of current features of product, list of upcoming features in the future (Use spacing and emojis)
Viswanath Vtz
@brandongaille it was helpful information, thank you!
surya shanmugam
@brandongaille Thanks a lot for this, helped me quickly cross verify if we had done the same!
Parag B.
@brandongaille Thanks! A very concise but comprehensive list of the fundamentals of a PH launch.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi! My team and I just launched keypup.io two months ago. I quite agree with what @brandongaille listed. Here are some additional points. - Make sure you post at midnight (California time) - Share your post. Be active on social media and entertain your community all day. How about going live on SM? - Make sure you tag Product Hunt on social media posts. -Check out your metrics, a successful launch day comes with specific metrics to measure ( website visitors increase, user acquisition source, comments, and conversions). Good luck with your launch!
Viswanath Vtz
@cica_laure_mbappe thank you for your valuable comments and time
surya shanmugam
@brandongaille @cica_laure_mbappe Great to know you that you guys launched keypup.io here and thanks for your inputs!
James Skarzynski
Your tagline, comment, and images need to be on point. Icon just needs to be tangentially related and eye-catching. Use colors that grab the attention (orange, yellow, high contrast, etc.). The most important thing is to respond to every single comment. For every organic comment you get, you can increase your comment counter by 2 by adding your own reply. Finally, make sure you have a decent audience to share your launch with to get those important first few upvotes.
surya shanmugam
@jamesskarzynski Yes organic comments are important and we'll keep this in mind. Thanks for your inputs:)
Elen Udovichenko
Reaching out to your network (business partners or simply friends) with a clear ask to upvote and share can help too! We usually send out emails to our co-marketing partners a couple of days ahead of the launch with the link to product and then remind to spread the word once it's live.