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I just bought a copy and I recommend it 100%. Really helpful insights and "a must" reading for every startup looking to be featured on PH. However, I think that it lacks of some tips regarding the "Pre-Launch". Before looking to be featured on PH: 1. Start engaging with the community. 2. Give feedback to other startups. 3. Submit products on PH 4. Invest some hours per day in being part of the community FIRST.
@josuegio thanks, Josue! I see the points you made, but would rather specifically exclude them from my list. The list is really meant to be something that you can check off step by step when you approach your launch. Community building is more like a long-term thing for you as a maker.
@josuegio @herbigt Looks the website is down. How can I get this list?
Did you use your product to launch today? :)
@pierreventer In fact I did, Pierre. ;) Hope I can manage to apply all the steps but it looks good so far! :)
Doesn't "gaming" Product Hunt somewhat defeat the mission of it?
@andythegiant Hey Andy, I don't really consider it as gaming but to rather pass-on knowledge about the mechanics of PH. It became a powerful tool and platform for a lot of makers and I think people should get the most out of it. There's still plenty of room left to make your own experiences about launching something here. :)
@andythegiant I also believe Andy that there is a tight line between "gaining the most" as a maker & "gaming" the PH Community. Also believe the PH community is smart enough to make the distinction. This does not mean sharing the experience is necessarily anything bad, in my opinion.
@andythegiant I bought and read the list, it is definitely not 'gaming' PH, it is really about how to prepare for your PH launch and make sure you make the most of it.
Hello, Product Hunters! While there are already some publications around Product Hunt in general, I wanted to create a concise power tool for product people which specifically provides everything needed a perfect launch of your product on PH. Let me know what you think of it, how this list influences your thoughts on launching on PH and what you're maybe missing from it
@herbigt Good job Tim! That's a great idea.
@gregoiregilbert thanks a lot, Grégoire! Appreciate your feedback and I hope you could get value out of it.
@herbigt make sure to check out makersuccess.com
@eriktorenberg I definitely will. Thanks for the hint, Erik!
@herbigt I haven't bought it but I endorse the idea.
This is awesome @herbigt !!
@nickcoates_ thank you, Nick. Appreciate your feedback!