What's your take on communicating asynchronously over videos instead of synchronous communication?

surya shanmugam
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Emily Hodgins
For remote teams, working asynchronously across tools like Loom saves a ton of time and unnecessary meetings. I see this as not a 1 vs the other, type situation, but for a productive team - a healthy dose of both is required. Async tools help cut down on meetings and save time, but can't replace calls or video chats for every type of communication. We use both here at Product Hunt for instance depending on topic.
surya shanmugam
@ejsnowdon That's exactly what i was thinking as well. Both can co exist and is not the case of replacing one with the other. Healthy does of communicating synchronously and asynchronously brings the best out of the team!
Tanya Volkova
Saves a lot of time, especially if your team is in different time-zones. Another benefit is it requires you to clearly formulate your thoughts. One drawback is that it's not a dialogue, and people sometimes forget about it and use it where it should be a two-way communication. But if used right I think it's one of the best trends to save time and get everyone on the same page.
surya shanmugam
@tanya_volkova If put to practice it will have a great effect. As you said it comes in handy if you're working on different time zones where catching up on calls/meetings are often tough!
Barry Smith
I use my own product to send out reminders to the team for stuff. They can send me a reply if they want to. Example: https://giphcards.com/card/ODk2