#3 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2019
Some say you should start preparing your Product Hunt launch at least 3 months in advance, but chances are you don't have that much time. If you are in that situation, this customizable to-do list can serve as a nice starting point.
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Greetings, fellow Hunters! In preparation for our own Product Hunt launch we have started reading about best practices and pre-launch procedures. Having gathered them in an ugly to-do list, we realised that others might find it useful as well. So we made it a bit prettier and decided to share it hoping that it will make someone's life easier. This to-do list is mainly focused on tasks you can achieve in under 7 days, but you can of course copy it and adjust to your own needs. Please, let us know if you find this to-do list helpful and we wish everyone a successful Product Hunt launch. Francisco, Jacky, Dan
I was trying to make this list on my own last several days, what a coincidence hah:) great job, will definitely use
@yevgeniy_pozdeyev That's great to hear. Let us know once you launch :)
Thanks. I am preparing to launch. Will have a look for sure.
@ely_fornoville Good luck with your launch!
The link in the email doesn't work.
@jan_skora Thanks for the lettings us know. Let me send you another one in a private message.
What a coincidence. I've been reading stuffs on how to launch my new chrome extension (a mini CRM for personal Facebook Messenger) since yesterday and just now I was like, let me check who are launching today after finishing another article about how popoptin guys launched 2 years ago and boom I saw this. I will definitely be using this template for my launch. Thanks guys. I just upvoted it.
@jamiuoloyede That's music to our ears. We are also building a Chrome Extension by the way.