What do you love about your job?

Hannah S Kim
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As a person in her 20s navigating her own career path, I'm always curious to find out what draws people to certain professions and why they do what they do. What do you love about your job?


Raunaq Vaisoha
I’ve run a start-up since I graduated. I enjoy the creativity and pure team spirit there is in starting something new. There’s a sense of complete ownership mixed with spontaneity which allows for speed and quality work which beats the politics and planning one typically faces in a larger team.
Hannah S Kim
@raunaqvaisoha Raunaq, you nailed that description, that is exactly how I feel about working for a startup.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
@raunaqvaisoha I would also say that you can be smart and intentional in your plans. This is the freedom of being in a start-up.
Daniela Passos
I love seeing something grow. Right now, that's my focus on Phovi App Either the product itself, the user database, the messaging, branding, and more. Besides, being able to connect with amazing people that are ambitious and want to have a positive impact on other peoples' lives is incredible.
Hannah S Kim
@danielamoitinho I agree, I love that I can meet people like that here. Best of luck with Phovi!
Daniela Passos
@hannahsuyun That is amazing! Let's get connected :)
Raja Simon
I love about how my code changes people lives. You have to be in a start-up to experience this kinda feelings. And that motivates me to love this job.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
@rajasimon I completely understand. This is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Furthermore, it opens you up to new opportunities and is a way to express yourself by bringing meaning
For me, it's definitely the autonomy I get to experiment with different strategies. Social media algorithms are constantly and the best part is trying out different marketing mix till you find one that suits your needs best. I work in a B2b SaaS company.
Hannah S Kim
@yeshaswini Yes, social media can be a challenge at times, but very rewarding.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
@yeshaswini You've mentioned 'autonomy', and I would argue that it is key. It gives confidence.
Ranvijay Singh
It keeps me pushing to do it more the same way I do it every time. I do what I love and it pays me back 🙂
Richard Shepherd
When our customers text me to tell me about the success they're having as a result of the work we've done or are doing for them.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
@richardesigns It is rewarding when you get this kind of feedback. It fills your heart with joy; tangible results.
Dragos Bulugean
There is always something new to learn, every single day. I can never get bored or unmotivated. For me, the perfect job is the one that I like but also the one that challenges me the most
Hannah S Kim
@dragos_bulugean Gotta appreciate a growth oriented mindset!
Paul Nica
I love that I can do it from any place in the world, as long as I have a computer and an internet connection. I'm also in my 20s, and looking at my parents and family: they have to go to work every single day, even in the pandemic, because their job cannot be done remotely.
Hannah S Kim
@paul_nica We are definitely privileged to be able to work from home. Hoping you and your family stay safe.
I work at Teal. It's a lot of fun and really rewarding because we get to help people grow their careers every single day. We see people with real problems who need real help and people who have serious questions but don't know who to ask. It's rewarding to see those people be successful after engaging with us. As for my role there, I do a lot of marketing work and run our Twitter account. We're super relaxed, highly transparent (we can see all of our salaries for instance), and focused on changing the status-quo. I've always been attracted to companies/jobs that go against the grain and do things differently. Also, I think the future of work/careers looks like brands empowering employees to build their personal brands. I'm attracted to companies/jobs that allow me to build in public, share what we're working on, and proactively build my following.
Hannah S Kim
@jacksondame Yes, personal brand building is so important these days. Sounds like you have a very fulfilling job! I will check out Teal :)
Emily Hodgins
I love this question! It's so positive. I love that I get to work with wonderful people who challenge me, allow me to grow professionally, who respect me and who know how to make me smile, all through our (mostly) virtual work environment. I also love that I get to see so many cool products launch daily and play even a small part in their launch journey. It's such a privilege to have this touchpoint with makers and fellow product lovers across the world. You're all my daily inspiration.
Nate Watkin
My favorite part about my job is listening to what customers want, then building the product with my team, and then putting it in the hands of customers.
James Gil
Love? Job? Those can coexist?
George Novik
Generation of ideas, you can't run away from them, you can't hide :(
Kanan Tandi
What I love about my job is every morning when I wake up, I don't dread to the pending works. I look forward to work everyday( I do take break also), because I am doing what I love. One thing what I have learnt the hard way is your job/work should suit you mentally. If there is mismatch, a persons starts behaving erratic.
Arijit Bose
Personal take: the best part about a job - any job really - is the people you're interacting with because of it. It definitely helps that I am working as a communicator in a challenging, hyper-niche segment (legaltech). Adrenaline every day.
Sanjith Kanagavel
I believe the future is full of apps and personally I have seen amazing success in independent app development in my past. So I am always proud to be an App developer irrespective of the development platform ! And I love building it. So I chose to become an app developer.
ava franklin
I work at GoodCore Software and I love the close-knit culture here and the creative freedom I have to explore new and out-of-the-box ideas.
Tatiana Kukova, PhD
I love the following about being an author: embracing creativity, realising my life's purpose, continuous inspiration, happiness through innovation, and simply being who I am.