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We connect users from around the world through video calls during live game matches, communities, a competitive global ranking, and real-life experiences.
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Hey Phovers, we're excited to show our new mobile gaming social network product here today! From the beginning, Phovi has been used to build meaningful interactions, improving connection among users, and giving a space where young local game design students can get revenue and a stronger portfolio to boost their careers. Given that Smartphone Users are spending more time on Social Media and isolated from each other than ever before, we decided to offer a platform with built-in games and communications tools, we connect users from around the world through texting, video calls during live game matches, communities of various subjects and a competitive global ranking. Today we’re announcing our platform with: 🧠 Games: play with your friends or get randomly matched with another user looking for a game partner. Time to have fun, connect, and learn through our Games! 🏆 Coins: Logged in to interact and chat? Won the last game match with your new friend from the other side of the world? Get coins! You can exchange our Phovi Coins for merchandise or events/cinema tickets 🎟️ 🤘 Communities: Lover of amazing Netflix shows? Want to find friends for going to concerts in your City? Trivia Lovers Community? Come over here! There is space for everyone and a community for everyone as well. 🔥 Call me, baby: When we said Meaningful Interactions. WE MEANT IT! You can have video calls during live game matches and get connected with friends from all over the world. To help Game Design Students - HEY! We are here to boost your career and help you expand your portfolio with success cases, and experiences with online multiplayer design games using Phovi. The core part of our platform is dedicated to offering a platform where new game-developers and get profit from their creations. While apps platforms mean that everyone has a gaming device in their hand or on their desktop, as more and more games are being published, it’s harder for new games to see a profit. Phovi is here to cut the noise of a crowded app market, and connect you and users. Join our community of Phovi Game Developers through programs and incentives to University Students. Build a successful portfolio and boost your career. Prepare yourself today for the jobs of tomorrow in the field of interactive design and development. To help Artists - we are here for you! From each purchase users make from your creations, you get a share from our earnings. Ready to see everyone on the streets dressing hoodies and shirts with your art and getting paid for it? Looking forward to hearing from the community and have you guys enjoying Phovi with us!
Great job, girls!
@lindsays1 Thank you so much! Looking forward for you to try it next week :)
This looks really promising! What inspired you to build this product?
@colinkiama Thank you Colin! The sense of isolation and depression increased as the use of smartphone increased as well, so we want to foster online positive interactions and offer younger generations to have fun, expand their friends circle, and find their tribe. Another goal we have is to give revenue for students and local game designers for their game creations inside our platform (:
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@danielamoitinho Sounds amazing! Thanks for answering my question.
@colinkiama Thank you for asking! Let me know if you want to me one of our founders, test the app and try some of our merch ;-)
@danielamoitinho I'm interested ;) Where should I contact you?
@colinkiama you can sign up to be one of our founders through our website! 👾💜
@danielamoitinho love this product cos of the positive intention behind it.
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@edmundamoye Thank you so much! Looking forward to having you in our communities :)