What’s your workflow like when shopping for clothes online?

Raunaq Vaisoha
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Do you simply add to cart and check-out? Or are there any other steps you take before a purchase?


Anil Dukkipatty
Usually I share some of the items from my cart with friends. For reviews. Sometimes, I also compare the items price on other websites.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@anildukkipatty Thanks for sharing. How would you typically share your cart and what's the interaction like with your friends after you share?
Purple Ocean
@anildukkipatty I always check reviews, too, just like millions of other people. I also like to monitor pages like midnight velvet customer service , where you can find both contacts of the company and client feedback, that's rather helpful.
Sunny Joshi
I just compare pricing and check reviews maybe. But my girlfriend has a whole different process which includes sharing photos with her friends and a brainstorming session.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@sunny_joshi Thanks for sharing. Do you use any price tracking plug-ins like Honey?
Julie Fung
I usually add a lot to my cart of similar clothes (maybe different colors). Before payment, I definitely do a double-take and remove half of the items in my cart because I give myself a limit to how much I spend.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@justjuliefung Thanks for sharing. Quick question, do you typically add stuff in carts across multiple brands for a point of comparison or is it more within a single brand? Also, do you monitor sales or just buy when you need?
Julie Fung
@justjuliefung @raunaqvaisoha No, it's usually within a single brand! I don't usually shop for clothes that much, so when I do, it's because I specifically something. I don't really monitor sales, but I do use the Honey chrome extension to do so and to also find coupons!
Paul Nica
I kinda know what I want to buy, I go and search for it, compare the prices for different stores and choose the one with the best offer. I just add the item in my cart and order, I never keep unecessary items in there, also never browse just to "see what's new", but that's just me of course.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@paul_nica Thanks for sharing. Had a question, Do you mean you search for the same item on different stores to find the cheapest price or do you look for equivalent items in a different brand?
Paul Nica
@raunaqvaisoha No worries. So for example I decide in buying a new backpack. I try and see what kind of backpack I want, how I want it to be an so on. After I do my research, I look for which store has that backpack at the lowest price. Then I search if the store is legit, and if it is, I just add it to my cart and buy it.
samanta kleo
I don't understand people who prefer to buy clothes online. I prefer to buy clothes in https://rofldna.org/top-10-best-... outlet europe. it gives me the opportunity to travel profitably. I buy branded items all over the world and do not overpay. I think this is the best way to shop for everyone
Raunaq Vaisoha
@samanta_kleo That's an interesting thought, what do you feel is missing in the experience today that makes shopping for clothes online incomplete? Perhaps the whole premise itself, but would love your thoughts.
Max Velin
Well my last purchase was yeezys sneakers and I got them online. It's pretty scary to order shoes online. Wouldn't you agree? After all, who knows if it will fit your size or not. Therefore, before buying yeezys shoes I asked to throw down to me their dimensional grid by centimeters to make sure finally whether I should buy these sneakers or it is better to go another option. Also like to read reviews, which is also not unimportant.
Елена Косоногова
My favorite brand is Sleeper Brand, I've been buying things there for many years, for myself, my husband, and my kids, just ordering and receiving)
Leslie Nash
Cuando se compra prendas mujer en línea, su flujo de trabajo puede implicar varios pasos. A menudo comienzan navegando por varias tiendas online, explorando diferentes categorías, como blusas, vestidos o accesorios. Muchas mujeres tienen preferencias específicas en mente, como estilo, color u ocasión, por lo que utilizan filtros de búsqueda para limitar sus opciones. Prestan mucha atención a los detalles del producto, incluida la tela, el tamaño y el ajuste, para garantizar que los artículos satisfagan sus necesidades y expectativas. Las mujeres también pueden buscar inspiración en blogs de moda, personas influyentes en las redes sociales o lookbooks en línea para mantenerse actualizadas sobre las últimas tendencias. Una vez que encuentran los artículos que les gustan, los agregan a su carrito de compras virtual y pueden continuar buscando piezas o accesorios complementarios. Antes de completar su compra, revisan su carrito, verifican los descuentos o promociones aplicables y eligen su método de envío preferido. Después de realizar su pedido, realizan un seguimiento del estado de entrega y esperan ansiosamente recibir sus nuevas prendas. En general, el flujo de trabajo de las mujeres que compran ropa en línea implica una combinación de exploración, investigación y entusiasmo por encontrar la incorporación perfecta a su guardarropa.