How do you deal with loneliness?

Ipatov Anton
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I work from home all the time. The biggest disadvantage of working remotely is live communication. I think the main thing for those who work remotely is to find their hobby and join some community. Probably loneliness in work pushed me to create Remotely. What do you think about it and how do you deal with loneliness?


Nate Shastry
I try to remember that other people are probably experiencing the same difficulties of working remotely. If that doesn't work, I think about what I can do to be happy by myself. Sometimes we are alone and can't do anything about it. That's when enriching yourself with little experiences (i.e. taking a walk, cooking for yourself, etc.) is helpful. It acts as a healthy distraction (and a reward)! LNKY looks terrific! Best of luck with Remotely!
Ipatov Anton
@nate_shastry Thanks), I just started meditating I think this is also a good solution)
Nolwen Dupond
It is for sure a painpoint derseving investigation. I personaly contact back all friend I have on Facebook. Some system to recomend you a random friend you haven't talk in year could be usefull.
Mathilde Odel
The 2 things I can provide against loneliness is... walking in the nature and music.
Moritz Wobith
Meditate. There are amazing guided meditations on YouTube! Start with some about self worth and awareness. Furthermore listen to positive affirmations often! This always helps and at one point you won't feel that lonely because you have yourself and be aware of your thoughts and feelings :)
I was figuring out the answer to this question and this led me to develop Chaterpilar - A social network that lets you express your feelings emotions and moods without being judged. I am 30 days away from launch and I hope people find it useful to share their anxiety in these trying times.
Marquis Kurt
Although I'm not able to have as much social interaction with peers due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I put measures in place to make sure that I can always reach them. I have a small Discord server for me and my friends where we chat with each other on a multitude of things. Every week, we meet up at night to have a game night and chat on Discord. Since I'm an indie game dev (and software dev), I have smaller Discord servers for some of the projects I work on like Unscripted, where people can chat about topics relating to those projects (in the case of Unscripted, visual novels, software development, etc.).
Jasper Ruijs
First, establish if you can't deal with solitude or loneliness. Solitude is the feeling of being alone with your thoughts. Loneliness is the feeling of the absence of social connections in your life. Being lonely usually has to do with a lack of pro-actively reaching out to friends or not wanting to go to new classes, venues, or events – a stagnant life. The inability to grasp the magnitude of solitude comes from the monkey mind. Meditation, reading, or personalized exercise helps most people in my experience. β€œAll of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal
Chen Reuven
try also sports 🏈
Ana Bibikova
This pandemic has brought a disruption to everyone's life. Those who live alone crave for a company. Those who has a family (like myself) long for some private space and time in the heart of a chaos created by 2 constantly running, bouncing and shrieking kids:) On a second month of spring lockdown I've come up with a creative (at least, in my humble opinion) solution. I posted an offer in my social networks for my friends to see it. I offered anyone feeling lonely or bored fast and free "therapy" : 30 minutes of online session with my 7 years old and 2 years old. There were also randomly selected challenges: today you had to read a book for a child, tomorrow you had to discuss a cartoon, the next day it was drawing, then crafts or yoga, or exercises. The result was terrific:) Sure enough, I did not get any time for myself (as my little ones kept running to me with happy exclamations or complaints) but I've got to tell you, these half hour sessions totally cured all my lonely friends:) Some of them really enjoyed interactions and we keep on doing it up to now. Others said they'd never imagined how lucky they were to be left alone during the lockdown. Anyway, I was glad to help.
Daneh Westropp
I think you must desire to be in your own presence and enjoy your own company in order to have solitude, that way you will never feel alone again. Loneliness is a huge problem, that was the main reason I pivoted Pickle from a marketplace for odd jobs to a social platform.