What is the best price for posting a job?

Ipatov Anton
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I'm trying to figure out what price to charge for posting a remote job on the https://remotely.rocks/ I do not want to make the price too high at the very beginning, but I also understand that if the price is too low, it will be difficult to raise it later
less than $100


Teach your website to speak!
Free is always better, but won't get you anywhere.
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@alexburan Thanks for your feedback
Teach your website to speak!
@ipatovanton I tried job boardning business in 2010 and failed miserably. Don't even want to mention, but, eh, it is what it is. Good luck!
It really depends on the value, what will make posting on your site better than another? If it’s better, the price can be higher.
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how much traffic do you get? Compare that to LinkedIn, Monster and others and see what they are charging versus what you want to charge
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