How do you build a social media presence?

Amanda Zhu
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So many products I've found from social media - people posting about it on twitter, facebook etc. How do you go about building a presence on these channels and having people talk about it?


Elen Udovichenko
Step by step, one post at a time! My one advice would be to focus on quality rather than quantity - in terms of both the content you post and the people you interact with. We're currently working to build an online presence for our SDRs on LinkedIn and it definitely takes a lot of effort and time! But it's also already proving to be worth it 🤩
Task Assistants
1. Determine the social media platforms suitable to your startup From the start, you can't get on all social media platforms. First, determine where your core target audience gathers, then start there. Take the instance of Facebook and LinkedIn: for what we do, we believe LinkedIn would be much beneficial, in the long run, to our startups than Facebook. Therefore, we are focusing more on building followership on LinkedIn than Facebook for now. You will have to determine which social media platforms works better for you by studying them and also asking around. 2. Get your content on Building social media presence is all about content - in whatever form: audio, video, text. That said, your content must come handy for your followers to be able to use such in their lives, businesses, and careers. 3. Engage Putting content on without engaging is like talking to yourself. Talk with your followers. Answer their questions. Ask them questions. Joke with them. Tweet at them. Mention them. Appreciate them. Congratulate them. Etc.
Rowe Morehouse
I think video is really important. You (or someone) in your org should good on camera & likable. Getting a personality across is easier that way.
Vartika Jaiswal
I think consistency in the posting schedule is very important in building social media presence. Currently at ADOHM we are trying to build a presence on Facebook by posting Industry-Adjacent Content regularly and I must say it is showing some fabulous results. :)
Ahsan Khan
@vartikaa_jaiswal 100% agreed with that. sometimes showing up everyday without any feedback is importent. consistency multiplies overtime.
Olga Trykush
I like the idea of having one thing that people will love you for and associate with - for example, it can be an interesting ToV, or some cool weekly interviews, or fun quizzes - something remarkable and what is more important - unique, something that will make people wait for another piece of your content
Jasper Ruijs
Go and quora and Reddit to found out what the common questions are of your intended audience. Use the right keywords and focus on saying something new instead of echoing what the rest is saying in your own words.
Prathamesh Krisang
Given that this is a general question that might apply for all social media platform, a onw word answer could be : Interactions!