Has anyone here used Ship by Product Hunt?

Amanda Zhu
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Wondering if subscribed users will get a notification when you officially launch? Or is it mainly to get early users for your product. 🤔


Gilad Uziely
I have just started using it. I am not sure I know the answer but if you ask on the chat they will get back to you very fast. If you have more questions you can email me at gilad@justlance.co or just ask here.
Amy Watson
We just launched today and all the individuals who subscribed to our upcoming page that we built using ship got notified this morning when we went live. If you want to check us out search "bublup" :)
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@amy_watson1 Hi I have some doubts here, is there any option to convert ship post to launch post directly? OR you need to create entirely different post for launch? and what happens to the ship post after launch? You need to delete it manually or you can leave it as it?
Amy Watson
@aarvy yeah you will have to make a new post on your launch page (which I'd imagine you'd want to) and your ship page and post on that page stay up. The real value of the ship page is to build an audience and have access to a messaging platform to inform that audience when you go live.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@amy_watson1 Got it.. Its better for creating pre-audience relationship. In their 79$ plan do you think its worth the amount? The reason i am asking this because i have seen posts on upcoming page still listing on basis upvotes count (i guess) . If you have paid and in case didn't get enough up-votes, your post won;t get eyeballs. is it?
Amy Watson
@aarvy From my experience if you already have a mail client launching a small product without ship would be fine. Sign-ups via the upcoming page are few and far between when compared to other ways you can harvest emails and ship isn't required to be on the front-page to my knowledge. You get some helpful launch stats and you get to see product hunt specific info on people that sign up through your upcoming page but it's not a necessity to me. One benefit to having a ship page is that you could be identified as an "upcoming product" and PH might highlight you in the days leading up to your launch. But if you have other ways to engage an audience, not sure if it is worth the money.
Pieter Limburg
I have launched my first Upcoming Page using Ship and I am aware that the ones who may have subscribed to your Upcoming Page will receive a notification when you launch.
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