Need some help - looking for people to interview 💡

Amanda Zhu
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Hi makers! My cofounder and I are currently in the idea validation stage where we are still interviewing people in our target market. The problem is finding these people - we are looking to chat with people who have a lot of calls/meetings. This could be sales calls, customer discovery calls, UX design interviews, recruiting interviews, important internal meetings, etc. Would really appreciate any leads on where to find people to talk to. 🙂


Rahul Arora
You can connect with me!
Amanda Zhu
@rahul__arora Hey Rahul, thanks so much! :) I can't find a way to ping you unfortunately, so please message me at
Mak Mo
Facebook groups can be a huge help.
Shirley Torres
Use LinkedIn, it always work)) There are a lot of competitive professionals opened for new oportunities.
Amy Frame
I am in ops so have a fairly large amount of meetings - happy to discuss!
Amanda Zhu
@amy_frame Hey Amy, would love to chat. I don't see a way to contact you on your profile, but you can email me at to dicuss a time. :D