Looking for pain points related to desktop/laptop computers 🖥️❌

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I'm working on a product and I'm trying to figure out pain points related to computers for businesses. Did you experience any pain points in the past? I'm talking about performance, configuration, transportation, usability, battery problems, lack of IT resources, etc.


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Please elaborate on the problem you are trying to solve
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@rilwan_owolabi1 I'm working in the desktop as a service industry, and we're working on a mini PC. That's why I'm trying to identify pain points related to traditional desktop.
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En général, on rencontre souvent des erreurs de système, surtout après les mises à jour.
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@alexandra_duval Est-ce que vous tentez de les résoudre vous même? Ou est-ce que vous faites affaire avec des spécialistes à l'externe?
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Sometimes the computer/ laptop just doesn't start. This happens especially where old people are handling it. Do you want to add this to the problems you want to solve? Something that will identify these and notify the service centre?
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@nam Well, there's a ton of elements in a computer, so that might be hard to evaluate. The product we're working on is basically a small computer with no hardware, with the desktop in the cloud and managed by a team of professionals. Instead of having to manage an old computer that doesn't work, the updates and the monitoring of the desktop is taking cared by a cloud provider. I'm seeing it as the smartphone contracts: A business will be paying a monthly subscription, but can have the mini PC at a low price(like $40) or even free by signing a contract.
Hi, This is Akshata here. I do definitely see problem with my laptop and is basically of lesser configuration and the it ends up with loud sound. And as we know today it's all remote, so this is a concern I face personally while working.