The tech startup Quibi closed after 6 months. What are your thoughts on the subject?🤔

Gabriel Bujold
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The Wall Street Journal posted yesterday about the mobile streaming platform Quibi: In this wonderful community of products, what are your thoughts on what happened? What do you think they could have done differently. Do you think they really had an MVP?


Eddie H.
They certainly did not need billions of dollars to validate a concept. They could have asked people what they watched on their phones and the answer would probably have been TikTok and viral videos on YouTube, not short films.
Fernando Nikolic (
Honestly, I never pay them any attention until lately. What I found most interesting, though, is how easily people on social media have dunked on the company (read: the people that worked hard to make that product as best as they could)
Gabriel Bujold
@fernikolic1 Yeah, that's a bit ridiculous. Except people in the startup community celebrating wins, the rest of the world doesn't seems to care. And as you said, I saw a lot of comments bashing the team that invested a ton of efforts toward this project. Pretty sad if you ask me.
Ikenna Paschal
At this stage, everyone will become an expert and suggest what they could have done. The truth is, they did their best and they lost. I don't think there is anything wrong with the idea. We have seen failed ideas re-implemented by another team and it worked. The CEO said the idea wasn't good enough, I doubt this. Twitter thought the same of Vine and here we are with TikTok.
Gabriel Bujold
@ikennaobieze I feel that Tiktok & Vine are directed to a different audience. I believe that their target audience was more around busy people, living in the fast world we know, that didn't had time to watch a 30-60 min movie on Netflix or other streaming platform, but would instead take 5-10 minutes of watching short movies on their phone while commuting. However, with the pandemic, people had more time so I don't think the product resonate with their "new" lifestyle.
Solomon David
Probably lack of good management. Running a successful tech company like that takes a lot. Paystack was sold too