Do you use gmail as your work email client?

Daniel Butler
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Curious who of you are using gmail for work, straight up in the browser or via IMAP? Or do you use something else? e.g. Outlook, Mail, Hey, Superhuman, Tempo, Mail Pilot, Polymail


I use Gmail for our company but my email client is Newton. I had Superhuman for 6 months but I didn't like it.
Tarek Dajani
I use outlook for my company. I think this question would be better off as a poll.
chandan kumar
I use gmail for work and trying hey for the first Time
Bill Flitter
Gmail for work and personal.
Not any more. We hired a server administrator and now we have our own business emails synchronized via IMAP. We made that choice for privacy's sake. Now Google will never learn about the information we exchange.