What's your favorite/preferred social media platform?

Vartika Jaiswal
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I was quite keen on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I'm now trying to include Instagram in the mix. I use Facebook for personal interactions, mainly. And LinkedIn as my main public platform, where I connect with professionals, network, meet new people, seek mentors, and much more. But now, my professional and personal networks have convinced me to give Instagram a shot. So — what’s your social media of choice?


Lluís Ventura
Twitter! NO doubt for me!
Marquis Kurt
For anything personal, I prefer using Mastodon (https://joinmastodon.org). For anything marketing-related, I use Twitter.
Matthew Johnson
Twitter 💯 LinkedIn is far and away my least favorite
Joshua Victor
i prefer webinars don't be shy and attend ours also you can ask details directly
Jasper Ruijs
By mile slide Youtube, I have learned so much to that platform.
Solomon David
I wonder how this life would have been without Facebook. It's just perfect