Which is the most effective way for Digital Marketing?

Vartika Jaiswal
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Marquis Kurt
I've found social media marketing to be the most effective for my products since I'm making indie games, but I think you'll want to pick a model based on what kind of product you're making and what works best for you.
Vartika Jaiswal
@marquiskurt0 I agree with you, the effectiveness totally depends upon the business you are in. But to reach to that point in your business where you know what is working and what is not you have to test/try all the strategies, right? What all SM platforms are you using for your marketing?
Marquis Kurt
@vartikaa_jaiswal The main one I use is Twitter since hashtags like #visualnovel and #indiegamedev exist. I'll occasionally use Reddit, but most of the marketing happens on Twitter. Regarding reaching a point where you know what works, I didn't necessarily have to try everything. I learned that SMM works best by researching what other indie game devs do for marketing and coming to a conclusion that way. It's kind of like doing a science experiment where you need to prepare some research beforehand to make a testable hypothesis.
Vartika Jaiswal
@marquiskurt0 Thanks for the insight n yes it is always good to research about what others are doing in this field so that we can avoid mistakes or we can save time trying everythig. I wish you very best for your games. :) Do you mind having a look and providing us with your sincere feedback: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Roman Velitskiy
This is basically like asking "which is better sitting, standing or walking?" Depending on a task, the answer will be different, but eventually, you'll have to do all of them.
Vartika Jaiswal
@rvelitskiy Totally agree, one should try all the strategies to know what is working best for their business. At ADOHM, in the beginning we have tied all the strategies and platforms to understand what is working for us, and eventually got to know that for our different suite - different strategies are working like for Marketing suite SMM is working best and for our GMB suite SEO is working best.
Bill Flitter
As @rvelitskiy mentioned it depends. BUT investing in SEO is a safe bet. It looks like you have a B2B SaaS - in addition to the items you mentioned, I would look at ways to leverage content marketing. What are you seeing success with?
Vartika Jaiswal
@billflitter We have tried all the above mentioned strategies in the starting 2 years of ADOHM, and eventually got to know that for our different suite - different strategies are working like for Sales and Marketing suite SMM is working best and for our GMB suite SEO is working best. Currently, we are focusing more on Facebook & LinkedIn to generate leads and it is working quite well for us.
James Gil
It depends on what your product is. And the word 'effective' carries different meanings for each person and each project.
Vartika Jaiswal
@james_gil Definitely James! It depends upon what your business/product/service is, I think that the success also depends upon your target audience - as in who are your ideal customers, what are they likely to use to find their solutions? What is your take on this?
Parisa Mosadegh
It really depends on what your business is and in which channels your users can be found more. Social Media Marketing is another channel which is growing so fast and can be a really effective place to getting attention. After all, if I have to choose between these 4 options, I would choose SEO because it's a must. It is low-cost and once you set up the website's structure correct, you can see a high traffic to your webite.
Vartika Jaiswal
@parisa_mosadegh Thats 101% correct parisa! I agree to both of your points. We at ADOHM are using SMM and SEO to get traffic and generate leads.
Jasper Ruijs
This trick question totally depends on your audience, your digital marketers' originality, and your country. In some industries, influencer marketing is the most effective. In some areas, the audience is familiar with amazing emails and convert, even though SEO would be the superior option. The Social Media market works well to create momentum, but it is a time-intensive endeavor. SEO is a slow horse, but if you begin to rank well, the floodgates open. The best advice I give companies. Is, do you want leads who visit your business because you paid them to be there? Do you want leads to discover you organically? In the first scenario, the budget can run out, and people forget you. In the second people naturally, visit your site because of educative content. Neither one is perfect, but depending on your budget, the need for immediate impact, I would create a strategy that fits the marketing team's skillset and desires.
Vartika Jaiswal
@jas801 That a really good point Jasper, While every body was focusing on the platforms you showed up a different angle of the success of marketing efforts. I totally believe that strategizing according to your team's skillset is a must to achieve success no matter what your end goal is.
Rashmi H C
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