What are your "core" apps?

Dakota L.
7 replies
For example, on a daily basis I typically rotate through Reddit, Twitter, Slack and Discord. I have a small handful of apps outside of those that I go out of my way to check. What would be your list of apps that you feel you need to check regularly?


Julie Fung
I use Twitter, Slack, Messenger, LinkedIn, and Reddit on a daily basis!
Roman Velitskiy
Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud
Jonas Bärtsch
Notion 2.0 Whereby Slack, Twitter, Vscode, Whatsapp [Not it that order]
Parisa Mosadegh
Whatsapp, Spotify, Todoist, Instagram
Mohamed Mezian
Whatsap, Gmail, Outlook, Spotify, Visual studio, Reddit, Facebook, IG and Twitch
Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and Netflix. Also, really curious, what you generally do on Discord?
Jasper Ruijs
Notion, Figma, Sketch, G-Suite, Youtube, Spotify, Whatsapp