What are your "core" apps?

For example, on a daily basis I typically rotate through Reddit, Twitter, Slack and Discord. I have a small handful of apps outside of those that I go out of my way to check. What would be your list of apps that you feel you need to check regularly?


Multimedia Designer
I use Twitter, Slack, Messenger, LinkedIn, and Reddit on a daily basis!
Product | Marketing manager
Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud
Founder of Pliik
Notion 2.0 Whereby Slack, Twitter, Vscode, Whatsapp [Not it that order]
Marketing Enthusiast
Whatsapp, Spotify, Todoist, Instagram
Founder @ Augurisk.com
Whatsap, Gmail, Outlook, Spotify, Visual studio, Reddit, Facebook, IG and Twitch
Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and Netflix. Also, really curious, what you generally do on Discord?
Growth Hacker & UX Optimisation
Notion, Figma, Sketch, G-Suite, Youtube, Spotify, Whatsapp