What's your preference - dual monitors or single monitor?

Eddie H.
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I've seen a bunch of your workstation pictures and have noticed a nice blend of one huge or superwide monitor vs. multiple displays. What is your preference and why?


Elsa Lee
Dual monitors, I have one mounted above my main monitor. I work in media and often with videos or pictures so it's useful to pull windows into another screen to browse through or view them. For other work it's just nice to have my Spotify or other programs up and away so they're not quite so distracting! Multiple monitors kind of give me a physical representation of the word "digital workspace" :)
Roman Velitskiy
Ultrawide displays all the way!
Jasper Ruijs
Single Monitor, I wanted to be focused on the hand task. But I can Imagine when you are designing in Sketch or Figma that a Second screen is useful.
Erman Ergün
@eddieaich I'm definitely much faster with a superwide monitor! I'm also using this tool called, Spectacle for Mac, with which I can divide the superwide monitor into two plus the monitor of the MacBook, ta-da, I have 3 solid workspaces that I can control simultaneously. Reading a related previous email, while typing a new one is much faster with multiple monitors instead of switching tabs back and forth. But I strongly believe if I have any more monitors, I'd definitely get lost in them :D
Eddie H.
@ermanergun Thanks for the tip about Spectacle! I'm leaning towards getting a superwide but was concerned about having to constantly reposition windows. Is that a problem you are facing?
Mohamed Mezian
I used to have two monitors. I now prefer using a single large monitor, especially if you use the windows shortcuts (windows + left or windows + right) to place your windows.
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