What have you changed your mind on as you gained more experience?

Eddie H.
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I thought for sure that my product would sell itself. Nope. Marketing is more difficult than building product. Personally, I thought yoga was a bunch of hippie BS. Then I got stressed, my back started to hurt and yoga saved me. As I get older, I've realized that wisdom really means experience and having an open mind.


Katya Veremeichik
it's easier to list thing i haven't changed my mind on with time) but from female perspective, i would say that the most important epiphany was that "career or family" is the choice that you don't really have to make in spite what people say. It's 100% possible to have both
Ayush Kumar Singh
I died reading and understanding this
Albert Kinng
My answer somehow may be kind of wrong or a disappointment for many but I can assure you is what people want at the end. With experience I change the way I work on my designs to the less creative to a more convenient and regular design to make profit constantly. In fact the whole industry followed the same pattern. Sad but true.
Victor Ribero
Absolutely! No alcohol, no cigars, vegan, read every day, exercise every day, yoga some times... It has changed my life so far
Cadabra Studio
I changed my mind on design team management. As a design and development studio, we often hire new team members. And with the years, we learned to pay attention to the soft skills more. Of course, getting a job at our studio still requires having good skills and vast experience, but now we also look at our candidates as to people who will be working with our clients and need to be able to find a common language with each of them. A client-oriented approach is a top priority for our studio nowadays, and now we hire people who are not only experts but good people too.
joshua mendoza
having experience really explore our capabilities and knowledge we haven't discovered/known before