Inbound or outbound Marketing? Where do you focus more for SaaS product Promotion?

Meghna Bagri
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Tanya Volkova
I think it depends on the product and brand. Usually, it's a mixture, but Inbound marketing when you actually educate usually works better and brings loyal users.
Meghna Bagri
@tanya_volkova absolutely! For our product we are also focusing on both inbound and outbound, both have their pros and cons. Inbound marketing do bring loyal users but can't ignore the outbound where you choose your user and educate them about how our product can be beneficial to them.
Tanya Volkova
@tanya_volkova @meghna_bagri hmmm in my mind choosing a user and educating them is still inbound :) unless we're the first ones to contact them
Ross Stretton
Ive been using LinkedIn to Email marketing with little results, currently building out a click funnel
Roman Velitskiy
If you have enough financial resources, then definitely go with inbound. A person going deeply into your product's domain on a daily basis will be many times more efficient.
Fabian Maume
It depend of the time horizon: Inbound is the best on long run as you can get lower CPA than with outbound. However Inbound channels take a lot of time to power up. So if you are early stage SaaS and want to validate you MVP idea those aren't the channel to go for. Outbound is more expensive, but faster to give result. Also outbound can give you better feedback as you more easily follow-up with prospect than with inbound channels. For early stage SaaS I would recommend to run some outreach experiments over LinkedIn using Phantombuster