Do you prefer single platform to handle your sales and marketing activities?

Meghna Bagri
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Do share you views in the comment section and why prefer or not prefer a single platform.


Tanya Volkova
i worked in businesses with single and separate, and I think it depends on the context the company works in, but in terms of matching and syncing all information and making sure you are not double-contacting someone, know what's the exact ROI and so on, it's always better to have a single platform rather than downloading spreadsheets and doing the matching. it's usually more expensive, but it gives the comprehensive picture needed to make quick decisions and a lot depends on how you smooth out the processes between marketing and sales, and that can be a tricky thing to tackle.
Meghna Bagri
@tanya_volkova Absolutely,managing sales and marketing under a single platform comes with a lot of plus points. You have already mentioned some of them like no hassle of downloading different sheets and then taking a decision. I would like to add one point here, you can also optimize your campaigns quickly by analyzing the sales report. There are so many advantages of using the single platform and it's just one of them. Since you have experience of managing both under a single platform, why don't you check our product and give us your feedback.
Marquis Kurt
I'm personally on the fence in this regard. I usually do a lot of marketing within Discord servers, Twitter, and Reddit but handle other tasks such as sales in Steamworks and I know Itch has some marketing tools like devlogs, but I usually prefer to just post it on my own website at While it would be nice to have everything in the same place since I'm usually all about consolidation, there's just something about going to social media platforms and doing it manually that makes it feel a bit more human, at least for me. I'd probably suggest looking at what it is you're doing and seeing what will work best for you.
Meghna Bagri
@marquiskurt0 All one of us have this habit of doing things the way we used to do and I also agree with you that one should analyse their result and see what works best for them, it can be working or single platform or on different platforms. We have many clients who used to work on different platforms for sales and marketing, but they soon switched to ADOHM because they said that its better to have a single platform and get a consolidated report of both sales and marketing activities. SO I guess it totally depends on the person how they want to manage their activities. @marquiskurt0 Why don't you try our platform and share your feedback.
Ese-Osarumen Efesomwan
At the start, I prefer different platforms to manage marketing and sales for at least the first six months. However, after observing the different selected platforms, it is advisable to study their approach respectively all through the period and then stick to a single platform; this should be the one best for you afterward.
Meghna Bagri
@bilp01 Totally agree with you, one should select the platform which is most suitable to their business in the long run. Before launching our product ADOHM, we did a thorough research on what marketers actually want when it comes to managing their sales and marketing activities and majority of them said that it would be great if they can do both in single platform. So we designed our product considering marketers pain points in mind. Please have a look and share your feedback about the product
Erin Hennessy
I love HubSpot for that very reason. It's easy to use, keeps all records aligned no matter where you are in the platform. I've really enjoyed using it.
Meghna Bagri
@erin_hennessy1 Great that you are enjoying this platform. We recently launched our product here in PH, it is a AI based marketing & sales cloud. It's a single platform which manages you sales and marketing activities and has a capability to do a lot more. Do you mind having a look and providing us with your sincere feedback: