What do you use for your drip/automation emails?

Bill Flitter
7 replies
Drip.com and Mailerlite are two of the more popular service providers to set-up sequenced emails. There are a number of alternative tools on the market as well. Do you have a recommendation?


Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
Convertkit is good for automation email tasks. As a developer point of view I have found too many limitations in Mailerlite . At least 15 obvious recommendations i have given to them.
Bill Flitter
@aarvy thanks for the suggestions. I've been using Moosend - which I love, but recently ran into a roadblock with their automations.
Matthew Johnson
We use Intercom. I love it because it means we can have all our communications with users and leads in one place.
Bill Flitter
@mattcrail very good solution. Right now it's a bit cost prohibitive - unless I'm missing something? $499/month?
Matthew Johnson
@billflitter we pay $50 on the startup program. It is based on number of users and which products you want, so the $499 is for larger companies with access to all the products. I think some plans start at $39. Our pricing will go to $150 once we're off the startup pricing.
Vartika Jaiswal
We use ADOHM our in-house product. Through this, we have the ability to A/B test your emails to determine which one generates the highest number of clicks and conversions from your target audience.