What tool are you using to keep up with conversations on twitter

Bill Flitter
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Looking for tool recommendations to keep up with Twitter conversations. Please share your favorites and why you like it. 1. Follow certain keywords with filters 2. Free or small monthly fee 3. Interact within the tool - DM, respond, threads Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


Anthony Naglieri
Tweetdeck, in my opinion, is the easiest way to accomplish numbers 1 and 2. I personally use a combination of Tweetdeck, Twitter.com (on laptop), and Flamingo app on phone. The latter maintains a chronological timeline to your feeds and does a solid job of keeping out the junk (ads, likes from accounts you don't follow, etc.). Also, chronological timeline. Hope this is of use.
Ben Brausen
I've been a big fan of TweetDeck for years. Though it used to get weekly updates, those ended long ago when Twitter purchased them. But it's still a great way to follow hashtags, lists, and more. It really covers all 3 items on the list.
Chris Messina
I use Alfred with my Twitter Toolkit to efficiently interact with Twitter.
Utsav Sheth
At present doesn’t have anyone but looking forward to seeing a new one in terms of UXUI Design
Utsav Sheth
YOu know anyone AI-based E-learning platform
Waqar Azeem
Try ContentStudio 2.0 for managing the interactions (tweets, mentions and direct messages). The social inbox works with other networks (FB, IG) too.