Will you be going with one of the new iPhones or Pixels?

Jake Crump
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With the iPhone 12 models being announced yesterday, and the new Pixel 5 being announced a couple of weeks ago, what's everyone's plans for their next upgrades?


Emily Hodgins
I got my iPhone XS about a year and a half ago, so feel I can't really justify a new phone yet. It also still works pretty great tbf so don't need an update right now. Keen to hear from folks who do take the plunge though. Love to hear how things compare. If you are getting the new phone - either one - what's the key feature impacting your decision?
I've been an Android user for years, never owned an iPhone. The new camera, LiDAR, and cement shield screen are having me highly contemplating switching to the iPhone 12.
Shameer Hasan
@gabe__perez bunch of tech you can find on one of the third party android devices somewhere I am sure. iPhone doesn't hold the candle on latest and greatest tech.
R. Gurung
Going to get my first iPhone soon. It will be iPhone 12 Pro.
Kobi Kobsen
So nothing new aside of a few marketing gimmicks. Every new generation will if course be a bit faster, cams get better but there is nothing really new. In a blind test 99% would not be able to spot a difference to an older model that es running the same iOS. Same in the Android-World. Innovation does just not happen at all. The first one to innovate will really be the hero in this game. Apple used to and Android used to innovate but it is quite long ago.
Always Apple. I have everyone Apple. Probably getting the 12 pro only because I have the 11 pro Max and I want a smaller phone. Camera sounds great.
Once I've gone Pixel, I've never returned to iPhone.
Danielle Booth
Yes or no questions would shorten your question
Ikenna Paschal
I have been glued to Samsung since the days of the Galaxy S3. Can't trade it for anything else.