Which gaming console will you be picking up this week?

Jake Crump
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The Xbox Series X|S and the PS5 are coming out this week. Will you be picking one up? If so, which one?
Xbox Series X|S


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I just recently upgraded my gaming PC so I won't be getting either of the new consoles for a while, but the PS5 is probably the one I will eventually go with. The features of the new controller are really interesting, and I think game developers could do a lot of really cool stuff with the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.
@jakecrump I have been playing on gaming PC and Xbox and the Nintendo switch
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Xbox Series X. Ray tracing is probably one of the bigger promises of next generation of consoles. So, for those interested in the best graphics and performance Series X is the most powerful console on the market. Its broader offering includes the Kinect camera and live television capabilities. According to the Playstation website PS5 is missing support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and won’t be supporting 8K and Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) out of the box. https://blog.playstation.com/202...
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@dsarkar The question of what you'd be missing without Atmos support is complex... even though the XBox will support it, not all games will as it's expensive tech to license. Sony has proprietary 3D audio so it could be more games actually make use of it. Some interesting info here: https://www.avsforum.com/threads...
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@kendall_gelner Thanks Kendall. Appreciate the insights.
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@dsarkar That's true and all, but Playstation has the more exclusive content. To me it seems like you're missing a lot of great games if you don't have something from Sony and Nintendo.
PS5 without a doubt, solely for spiderman
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I've been investing more time in PC & Cloud Gaming as well as the new Oculus 2. I'm okay passing on the next-gen of consoles now and seeing how the titles and features play out over the next couple of months.
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it is hard to choose
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Waiting on Nintendo to make some more magic. I'm happy to wait. And honestly mobile gaming is just as fun to me. Of course I'd rather get a solid VR or AR headset but that is cost prohibitive and the hardware is still catching up.
I will take it.
IM so happy im a fan
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PS5, as I like the Sony exclusives and I think the GamePass everywhere push that Microsoft is doing will lead to most games not really pushing the Xbox hardware the as much as higher end PS5 games.
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xbox. i'm surprised amazon isn't offering a "we'll send you both, keep the one you like"
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I'm picking up PS5. But I doubt I'll have much time to play. Newly-wed and busy with work and all that. Regardless, there's been a lack of good pc games lately and I've passed on PS4 to wait for a next gen console.
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Neither right now, but maybe a PS5 later on. For me, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have much more potential of increasing gameplay enjoyment then ray-tracing/8k/200fps/MegaDolby or whatever technical advancement that you can only really see when you are comparing both consoles split-screen on a state-of-the-art television.
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I'm generally a Nintendo and PC kind of gamer, but I am rather excited about the new Harry Potter game, so might need to go PS5.
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