What browser do you use?

Jake Crump
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I recently switch from Chrome to Edge, because I got tired of my laptop sounding like it was about to blast off into space. It seemed like a lot of folks enjoyed Edge so I decided to give it a shot. So far, I've been pleased with it. Just curious what others are using.


Edwin Wee
Switched to Safari last year and haven't looked back. Seems to be faster across Mac and iPhone!
Anupama Panchal
Cofounder; Product @ Clientjoy & Linkjoy
I use Chrome and Firefox both based on my privacy need.
Craig App Man Caruso
Sachin Sinha
Co-Founder at MeetRecord
I use Opera, Chrome, Edge and Brave, all at the same time for different purposes.
Dagobert Renouf
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I'm a dev so I'm ashamed but safari. It's just so fast, and the fact that it doesn't have many extensions is a big plus for me, so it stays light. But it does have the best dark mode extension around so 😅
Gabe Perez
Community @Genies 👽🅰️🖖
I bounce between Brave and Chrome, I can't let go of my customization and plugins.
Shekhar Chandra
Software Engineer @ Accord
Firefox for browsing and Firefox Dev for app development. Pretty much cover all my needs. But I keep Chrome on my system too
Đồng Phục Hải Triều
Founder @ haitrieu.com
Microsoft Edge, it's better than ever!
Alexey Shashkov
Inspired product maker
Switched to Safari. It’s faster and don’t drain battery.
Community @ Product Hunt
On laptop, I've been using Brave for some 7-8 months now. Never looked back. Super fast, doesn't lag, inbuilt ad-blocker and can claim BAT points for using it. It is one of those products which I have forcefully made my friends install 🙃 Here is the launch: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Alex Rudenko
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Usually, I use chrome, but sometimes I want to feel myself protected from data stealing, so I think It would be great if someone invents a secure browser with all the features
Tess Cartwright
Canadian creative.
I have always used Firefox but now reading this thread... I am tempted to try others.
Edward G
Traveling & Building
Firefox for regular use but Chrome for development since most browsers are built on Chromium. Firefox is better for privacy.
Just Spas
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David Rodgers
CEO at Robo-AI Corp
Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera for different tasks
Anton Ross
I consider myself a cool programmer
Google самый современный. В остальных все работает с кучей багов
Orvil D'silva
Aspiring Develper
Switched to Brave Browser , couple of days back . Quite happy with the switch . Its works a lot faster than chrome . Chrome used to take a lot of time to just open , that isn't the case with brave . Brave also make its easy to transfer all chrome bookmarks .
Johannes Grenzemann
CEO & Co-Founder Infinity Maps
Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Can't have enough parallel browsers.