Hey Product Hunt community which is your favourite screen recording tool?

surya shanmugam
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Let's discuss your favorite screen recording and video making tools?


Tanya Volkova
relevant for me, curious what others use, I just use QuickTime :)
I use Snip & Sketch for screenshots, and CloudApp for recording. I find CloudApp has a very simple to use UI, that said I don't touch the website, nor the links options. I also saw on product hunt that they're bringing in video annotations which, for me, will be useful.
Domhnall O' Hanlon
I'm a big fan of Loom. Originally started out with the web based version but have the app now which I use multiple times per week/almost daily. The video editor is basic enough, but they make it really easy to download your recording if further editing is needed.
surya shanmugam
@domhnall_o_hanlon Loom seem to be the best one out there!
Danyub Mustefa
@surya_shanmugam Convenience is the key. Had loom went before investors they would have rejected them in a heart bit saying the market is too saturated. I am glad that they did their own thing.
Judith Ackerman
Good ol' Quick Time :)
Akshay Potdar
Screen Recording - Loom for sure! Video editor - Veed.io works for me.
Gabriel Bujold
CloudApp for screenshots, Loom for video & screen record. Hope this helps!
Ali Rajool
While using windows: Window Key + G
Meghna Bagri
I use CloudApp for screen recording. This tool come handy when I want to record and explain any specific feature of our product to the client.