Hey social media people! What's your toolset?

Cezary Dobrowolski
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Let's discuss our tools. What do you use to work on your social media? My day-to-day toolset consists of: - Canva for a quick graphics - Grammarly! it's a god-tier app. - Trello to keep a track of my TODO's - Notion to keep a track of the content calendar. Worth mentioning are also BuzzSumo, ContentFly, Zapier, and Bitly. What's your must-have tools?


Satish Gaire
I think you covered most of it. We use Canva for creating quick slides for IG. For Videos, we use adobe premier.
A couple of tools I use: - Canva - Grammarly - InShot - StoryChief 2.0 - The Adobe Suite - Sprout Social/Agorapulse/Buffer/Tweetdeck (depends on the client & brand) - Google Drive - BuzzSumo - Bitly - Hype Auditor - Instagram Money Calculator from https://influencermarketinghub.c...
@gabe__perez Instagram Money Calculator - tried it, it's amazing, thank you!! Been looking for something like that for a quite a long time
Sanaz Bidad
My day-to-day toolset consists of:🥁💻👩🏻‍💻 - Adobe xd, Sketch for UI design;) - Grammarly! it's a god-tier app:) - Trello to keep a track of my TODO's. - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop for illustration. - Zoom, Skype, and Slack for collaborating with my colleagues. - Worth mentioning are also Figma, Miro, and Zeplin.
Vartika Jaiswal
My Top5 daily toolset icludes: 1. Trello, for keeping the track of my TODOs 2. Grammarly, for the same reason as yours ;) 3. ADOHM, for Acquiring, Engaging, and Retargeting customers 4. Canva & Adobe Photoshop, for creating graphics 5. Google meet, for meetings