Will the iPhone 12 move back to Touch ID?

Taus Noor
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I use an iPhone X and I always have an issue with Face ID now -- since I do wear masks if I'm ever outside. I'm assuming many people have the same problem. So curious: what are your thoughts on the future of Face ID on iPhones? Do we think Apple's going to go back to the Touch ID (the touch ID sensor on iPad Air seems to have hinted towards that)? Bonus: What would you prefer using on the new iPhone? Touch ID or Face ID (assuming they offer both)?


David Oh
I don't know, but I do know they do make thumb scanners that essentially use a slit instead of a rectangle. Why can't they just put that right below or above the power button... or AS the power button.
Taus Noor
@davidoh I think that's what they did with the iPad Air -- so totally possible they'll do it for iPhone 12?
David Oh
@gazeattaus What really? Gotta go check this out.
David Oh
@gazeattaus You are right! I was thinking it was a viable solution ever since I had to fully raise my head while in bed. It would allow for options. During outdoor covid time, we set it for fingerprint only. Whilst indoors, we can set it for both faceID and touch ID for double the security. Siri can figure it out automatically from ambient light type and geolocation and ask us to update automatically as mask mandates go back on and off.
Vera Mirzoyan
I don't think Apple will go back to touch ID. Currently, I use iPhone 11 Pro and I have the same experience as with iPhones with touch ID. Sometimes it doesn't recognize my face but I think this is normal. This happened with a touch ID as well. And the fantastic is that sometimes it recognizes my face with a mask.
Tarek Dajani
I really hope so, I really hate Face ID. Sometimes, I literately love using Android phones just because the touch ID. I mean why the hell do you I need to look at my phone at a certain angle to open it quickly.
girish wadhwani
They are very unlikely to go to a touch sensor like that on the new iPad. It is possible that they switch to under-the-glass sensor where the entire screen is the sensor. I wouldn't bet on even that though. The FaceID sensor has a number of other uses such as memoji, so I don't see them getting rid of it.