What's the best time to launch on Product Hunt?

Taus Noor
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I received conflicting info from different sources -- some people/articles say it's a one shot wonder, so the product must be as good as possible before launch (so it's a good idea to have other people use it before launching on PH), while others say launch the MVP and get feedback from the community on PH. We are planning a beta launch on PH, so would love advice/feedback on this.


Nicolò Marchesi
I'll give you my 2 cents. Launch on producthunt when you have a solid community/userbase already interested in your product regardless of the state of your product. IMHO you should at least have a working MVP (not just a landing page) that can give value to your customers. To me, PH is very similar to a kickstarter, and all successful ones had everything set in place before launching.
To echo @pethron a bit, I'd suggest making sure you have a solid showcase of what your product is, what it can do, and why it's valuable. Regardless of beta or full launch, you want to be able to capture a community with what you're offering. I'm big into having a solid product demo or trailer. Video is king nowadays, so if possible try to get a clean, not too long video of your product to excite potential users.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
It's rare that products in pre-launch/beta make it to the homepage of Product Hunt. It's not to say it never happens, but you'll want to have a strong showing of what you've built and what your product does before posting to gather as much interest from the community as possible. A simple landing page will not suffice. You are encouraged to create a new launch every time you have a major update to your product. We recommend there be approximately a 6 month time period in between each of these PH launches. If you'll be out of beta in a month or two, it may be best to for-go the beta launch and wait for your full launch. This way you can avoid having to wait a full 6 months until you can post again. Reach out to us at anytime with questions! hello@producthunt.com
Nitin Gupta
@producthunt @jacqvon Yeah totally agreed with you jacq ,but can PH is good platform for increasing userbase too, despite from making it public via other social handles too ? Because sometimes its kinda opposite to what we thinks, thats happening with my recent hunt though :( And yes thanks for the new launch thing , thats quite true and optimistic too. Cheers,
Taus Noor
@producthunt @jacqvon So we were hoping to get feedback on our product from the community here at PH -- which is why we wanted to do a launch here. To be more precise--our beta is an MVP that has the features to make it work for someone (and the necessary docs/SDK as well). But it hasn't been "launched" yet (so not used by people outside our company yet), which is why we are considering a Beta launch oh PH (but essentially it has all the features we planned for our MVP). Do you think we should let other people outside PH use the product and wait till it matures over the next few months, or should we go ahead with the launch on PH soon (once it passes all internal testing)?
Jacqueline von Tesmar
@producthunt @n_g_29 Yes, these things go hand-in-hand. Sharing with your current users and community prior to your launch is key. Then when you launch, you'll get visibility and interactions from the PH community and this will likely bring you useful feedback and new users.
Nitin Gupta
@producthunt @jacqvon Makes sense Jacq,completely agreed those feedbacks and visibility is quite precious. Thanks alot for guidance :)
Samir Rashed
Hi, @gazeattaus Check out our launching Case studies here https://bit.ly/3kOAifx I hope it helps you
Devanand Premkumar
@samir_soliman That is one useful experience captured clearly and presented for the benefit of all. Cheers to you and entire Premast team :)
Ikenna Paschal
This is awesome. We are contemplating the same question and it always seem like it's never the right time.