What kind of analytics software do you use on your websites?

Taus Noor
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Curious to learn what sort of analytics software (like Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.) do people use on website(s). More specifically -- how do these choices different across different kinds of websites (or use cases)? What value have you gotten out of using these?


Tarek Dajani
I am not yet operating, so I am not talking out of experience, but research. Usually, the constant advice from experts is to use both google analytics and something like Mixpanel / Amplitude as a minimum and this is what is I am planning to do. This is because mixpanel / amplitude provides details that usually g-analytics does not. I am not planning to use any other product really because I do not want to waste my time checking 3-4 different sites to analyze each and every detail. I want to focus on getting feedback and I think mixpanel would provide all the details I need.
Taus Noor
@tdajani Totally makes sense -- I actually haven't tried Mixpanel yet (yikes!) I'll definitely check it out. We're using Hotjar and Google Analytics for a while now, would be interesting to see if Mixpanel adds a lot more (or replaces Hotjar potentially)
@tdajani @gazeattaus Google investigation and Hotjar to record how individuals utilize the site, it is really incredible and we amended the site plan multiple times https://blackfridayvpn.co/
That's a good question, as I use different tools simultaneously - Google Analytics - Jet Pack - sometimes Hotjar for heatmaps, but it sucks performance, perhaps there's a better way to set it up, so stopped using it - Vimeo Analytics for measuring movie traction - we are just starting to use Mixpanel for detailed tracking of interactions - and bit.ly for links
@gazeattaus hi taus, jet pack is from wordpress - interestingly there numbers are always a bit different from google analytics, but at the moment our numbers are small so perhaps with more traffic it will get more coherent
Gregg Thatcher
I highly recommend heap.io It is fantastic. It allows you to build detailed funnels and even retroactively add events. They have a free account that gives upto 20K views per month. We also use luckyorange for session replays....it isn't mandatory but does give insights into how users are using your pages. We have picked up a few key performance issues by watching sessions. Hope this helps!
Mahmoud Ragab
Google analytics and Hotjar to record how people use the website, it is actually great and we did revise the site design 2 times
Google Analytics and Cloudflare Analytics! CF analytics is good with their pro plan and I planned to migrate away from GA!
Only Matomo (unless a client wants to use Google Analytics). I find Hotjar, Mouseclicks or the like unethical. I will never use them. Matomo works for me because I use as little Javascript as possible. Looking for a conversion? Fine, I measure how many people get to the form page, and then how many people reach the thank you page. 10%? That's my conversion percentage. No extras required, see?