I recently got a K icon next to my profile name. Anybody know what this is?

Gabriel Bujold
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It suddenly appeared next to my name on PH. I tried to check the FAQ of Product Hunt, but I didn't found the answer.


Jacqueline von Tesmar
Hey Gabriel, These are medals next to a user's name and they show how many points they've received from the community for their contributions across Product Hunt. The medals are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can earn points by actively contributing across Product Hunt. Contributing includes: posting products, creating discussions, sharing goals, and engaging in conversations. You'll gain points when other community members upvote, cheer, or in any way appreciate your contribution. https://help.producthunt.com/en/...
Gabriel Bujold
@jacqvon Oh great! Wasn't aware of that. Thanks! :)
Louise Desrosiers
@jacqvon Salut, merci beaucoup pour l'information !
Manuela Bárcenas
@jacqvon awesome, thanks for the clarification, Jacqueline! Can't wait to upgrade to a silver medal 😄🙌
Mr Ethar Alali
@jacqvon @bujold19 Haha! I got mine this morning and didn't realise myself :) So thanks for asking the question
Anastasiia Iskovych
@jacqvon I still don't get how they help. Could you explain?
get carrier
I didn't know that such an icon might appear. thanks for the info
Jason Dainter
@jacqvon As far I can tell... Bronze... starts with a B? Silver... starts with an S? Gold.. starts with a G? What does my K mean? I will temporarily assume this means I am a King, unless told otherwise.
Jason Dainter
@jacqvon I did an "inspect element" and now realise I believe this stands for Karma am I correct?
Rucha Joshi
Pleasantly surprised to see mine today morning :) Just curious if these badged disappear if you activity reduces.