Any schedule/time management tools?

Sharon Cohen
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Hey guys, I noticed that lately I've been extra stressed and unorganized. Does anyone know any good, free tools that help with schedule and organizing work? Thanks!


Darko Williams
I may be old school, but I use the built-in todo list in Windows 10 + a simple timer and time my work for 60 mins.
Matthew Johnson
Hey Sharon - hate to hard sell in here, but this is the problem we are solving with Taskable if you want to try us out: - we are in closed beta but happy to give you an onboard.
Christian Heine
Many. Depends on your preferences. Workflowy is great (but you have to like the extreme zen-like interface). Todoist is basically the gold standard for task management and sharing. Then there are Trello, Asana, Wrike, or MS Todo, which are specifically designed for work & collaboration (most like Trello or MS Todo have a free plan). If you want to try a different approach, you can have a look at Faden ( And just as a disclaimer, I am pitching my own product here. So take it with a grain of salt. Faden is inspired by systems like the Bullet Journal, Getting Things Done as well as tools like Workflowy. You can create notes & tasks, break them down, organize them, schedule them, and more. It's different to the above tools because it behaves more like a journal. As we are all busy, it encourages you to start simple (with basic bullet points) and then allows you to add full-text or break things down as much as you like. The only caveat: You cannot share tasks with others (because it's a journal, it's private by design). Not sure if we will add shared lists or journals in the future. Really depends on user demand. But the core will always be private. Feel free to give it a look. The basic version is forever free. And if you would like more suggestions, let me know. I have been exploring this space for a while now and can point you in more directions if you like.
chandan kumar is a very good tool to manage schedule
Theresa Wernsdorfer
I am using a combination of Todoist and my calendar to schedule things. I have to admit that I am fairly good at holding myself accountable and living by my scheduled times. But Todoist definitely gives me a peace of mind knowing that when that list is empty by the end of the day I achieved what I needed to achieve.
Ashlyn McKasson
I would always write on a notebook on my desk, but since working from home I move around a bit more and have started using the the tasks in Gsuite.. still don't know if it's the best solve for me though.
Marie Malikova
For scheduling, I use Google calendar and for tracking time - TMetric Btw, TMetric has integration with GC, so using these two together is easy.